About me

Hi, I’m Hung-Jin Huang, a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University. I study the growth of structure in our Universe to understand both cosmology and galaxy formation physics. I work with Prof. Rachel Mandelbaum on projects related to weak lensing science, investigating the origin of astrophysical systematics on weak lensing observables. More specifically, I studied intrinsic alignment of galaxies in galaxy clusters. I have been exploring mitigation techniques for baryonic uncertainties, with the goal to better constrain cosmology by incorporating small-scale information in data analysis. Currently, I’m working on extracting the baryonic feature of our Universe from Dark Energy Survey data, and comparing it with various cosmological hydrodynamical simulations.

I received my bachelor’s degree in physics from National Taiwan University. After that, I worked at ASIAA with Prof. Chin-Fei Lee on radiative transfer modeling of protobinary stars, and Prof. Yen-Ting Lin on radio galaxies to complete my master degree in astrophysics.

I was born in Taichung, Taiwan. My name is written as 黃虹瑾 in Traditional Chinese. I like mountains, forests, caves, and skiing.

Contact: hungjinh (at) andrew.cmu.edu